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"Carissa Casbon is the kind of leader we need right now on the Lake County Board. As a mom, a proven community leader, teacher and small business owner, Carissa understands the issues our families are facing. She has the character and experience to help lead Lake County through the COVID-19 pandemic and in the years to come.” 

-U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth

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“Carissa Casbon has shown she is motivated to help the 40,000 veterans of Lake County. Carissa is a strong leader who has demonstrated a willingness to listen to all sides of an issue and focus on solving problems to get things done. I have dedicated most of my life to our country’s veterans, and I enthusiastically support Carissa Casbon for Lake County Board.”

-1st Sergeant (Ret) and Medal of Honor recipient, allen j. lynch

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"Carissa Casbon has been a committed leader in our community for years. Through her time as an entrepreneur,  teacher, small business owner, and school board president, Carissa has demonstrated an ability for solving problems and has shown an extraordinary passion for her community. That's why I am proud to endorse Carissa Casbon for Lake County Board District 7."

-Congressman brad schneider 

"As a mother, entrepreneur and teacher, Carissa Casbon understands the needs of Lake County families. Carissa has been an exceptional leader as President of the Milburn District #24 school board, helping to successfully transition the district to a budgetary surplus and cutting property taxes for local residents. She has the experience to rein in wasteful spending and will be a diligent steward of taxpayer dollars for all Lake County families. The Farm Team is proud to endorse her campaign for Lake County Board District 7."


-Congresswoman Lauren Underwood 

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“Carissa has a proven record of helping make change while she has been the president of the Millburn School Board. We trust that she will be an effective and energetic Lake County Board Member."

-LCDW Vice-President and spokeswoman, Cathleen Dohrn

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“As a teacher, school board president, small business owner, and mom, Carissa Casbon will be a strong voice for our community on the Lake County Board. Carissa has shown an ability to advocate for her community, serve with compassion, and demonstrated the leadership that is needed now more than ever. Carissa Casbon will be an asset to the Lake County Board, and I am proud to wholeheartedly endorse her.”


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