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Fighting Corruption

  • I will work to help Lake County become a beacon of transparency by continuing to improve ethics rules, goal-setting and oversight.​

  • I will be honest and transparent about how we're going to spend your tax dollars.

  • I will support the continued video recording and broadcasting of Lake County Board meetings and additional efforts to make the county board more transparent.

  • I will fight to make as many documents as possible publicly accessible on our county websites.



  • I will hold regular office hours so you know when and where to find me when you have questions. 

Fair Maps

  • As we look to redistrict the county in 2021, I will fight for a fair map that respects community boundaries and makes sense to residents. 

Property Taxes
  • If we don't need the money, I will push to return it to taxpayers.

  • Our state's unfunded pension liability is one of the main contributors to its financial instability. Our leaders should step up to help save money for the state’s full-time workers. As your County Board member, I will never take a government pension.

  • I support the current Lake County Board's plan to look for ways to reduce our county's carbon footprint by creating green energy jobs and saving taxpayer money.

  • I will work with our county's Stormwater Management Commission to address the increase in flooding across Lake County.

Improving Roads and Infrastructure
  • Our infrastructure is a vital foundation of the economic health of Lake County. We need to implement a coherent plan to improve and expand existing roads and bridges while maintaining the protection of our environment. Such a plan must also account for the infrastructure needs of the future.

Smart Economic Development
  • We need a comprehensive plan to bring economic development and with a focus on areas in the county that have lost jobs. Coordinating with municipalities will serve to attract new employers throughout the county. 

Working Together
  • I promise to meet regularly with local leaders to gain an understanding of the issues we face together and to collaborate with them to serve our community.

Funding for Veterans
  • I look forward to working with my fellow County Board Members to improve funding for our 37,000 Lake County veterans by supporting the Veteran’s Assistance Commission. They did their part; now we need to do ours. 

Mental Healthcare
  • I look forward to working with my fellow board members to help people get the mental health and substance abuse treatment they need by supporting the creation of a Mental Health Crisis Drop-off Center.

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