Carissa, Larry, Sam and Lillian with their rescue dogs Percy and Delilah.


"In this era of uncertainty and pessimism in government, I want you to know someone is working for you and your family toward a better, more fiscally responsible and transparent Lake County ."

"I'm a school board president, a teacher and a small business owner. I grew up one of four girls--the daughter of a small business owner with a passion for public service and a stay-at-home mom.​

My husband, Larry, and I met in college and just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. We live with our son, Sam, our daughter, Lillian, and our two rescue dogs, Percy and Delilah.


Soon after my son started school at Millburn, we found out our district was $5.6 million in debt due to a perfect storm of the Great Recession and sudden, dramatic state funding cuts. Our family had to decide whether we were going to leave the district and community we loved or stay and fight for it.


In 2015, I ran for school board. I ran to fight for our children, our schools, and our community. In the 5 years I've served on the Millburn Board of Education, our district has gone from being millions in debt to having a surplus and cutting property taxes. We did that by governing transparently, responsibly and with community involvement. These changes made our schools better for our children and made our community a better place to call home. The school board, staff and community lifted the district up by opening our books, taking responsibility and working together. We didn’t just survive. We thrived.

The devastation COVID-19 has created in Lake County breaks my heart and reminds me why I ran for school board--uncertainty, families in need, and budget shortfalls. Governing through a $2 million deficit, I learned a lot about what makes government work for people--and what doesn’t. I’m ready to take that knowledge and experience to fight for our community on the Lake County Board. I promise to be an advocate for you and your families. In this era of uncertainty and pessimism in government I want you to know someone is working for you and your family toward a better, more fiscally responsible and transparent Lake County. We will get through this together and thrive."


Other Activities

  • Member, Lake Division Executive Board, Illinois Association of School Boards

  • Master School Board Member, Illinois Association of School Boards

  • Member, Women United, United Way of Lake County

  • Member, League of Women Voters, Lake County 101


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